Waste paper

Waste paper

Sorted office paper (SOP)

Paper and used copier paper generated by offices

Old newspapers (ONP)

Waste paper from old newspapers (including flyers)

Mixed waste paper (MIX/MWP)

Magazines, books, user manuals, and pamphlets

Old corrugated cardboard/containers (OCC)

Cardboard generated by offices, businesses, and households throughout cities

Overissued newspapers (OINP)

Unused newspapers that were printed but not sold

Kraft carrier board (KCB)

Kraft carrier board paper

Paper cores

Tubular paper products made from recycled paper

Multi Kraft Bags

Empty kraft paper bags for rice and other grains

Poly coated milk cartons (PCMC)

Milk cartons collected from schools and homes

A-DLK (American Double Lined Kraft)

Clean sorted unprinted corrugated cardboard cartons, boxes, sheet or trimmings

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